Significance and Virtues of Surah Al-Kahf

Every Muslim must recite Surah Kahf weekly, on The radiant day of Jumu’ah (Friday).
Surah Kahf starts off in the fifteenth Juz (para) of Qur’an.

The complete Surah should be recited. If a persons memorises the Surah it will be of much benefit for them.

Virtues and rewards:

  • It will become a Noor for the reciter which will stretch from the earth right up to the heavens. It will become a source of light on the day of Qiyaamah.
  • All the minor sins committed since the previous Friday will be forgiven.
  • Protection from all Fitan and trials for eight days.
  • If the first ten and last ten Aayaat of Sura Kahf are memorised, a person will be saved from the fitna of Dajjaal.
  • In one narration it has been stated that the person who often recites the first three  Aayaat of Surah Kahf will be safeguarded from the fitna of Dajjaal.