Intention Introspection


In this first piece in our series of ‘Memorizing Spiritually’, we begin with the blessed words of our Beloved guide and leader, Sayyidina Muhammed (May Allah send Peace and Salutations on Him), who said:

إنما الأعمال بالنيات

“Indeed every action is judged by its intention.” (Bukhari)

Our respected teachers and Masha’ikh (spiritual guides) repeatedly advise us on the need to meditate, ponder and reflect before performing any action, as it is this that helps us to sanctify, clarify and purify our Niyyaat (intentions).

Clarifying the intention is the first and most important way of gaining acceptance for our various deeds in the court of Allah Almighty.

Since our focus is on Al-Quran, we present to you some Niyyat (intentions) which are to be reflected upon before each recitation of Quran, thereby making each recital more rewarding and worthwhile for you.

Note: Keep in mind that making the intention once before starting the action will be sufficient. If the heart begins to drift while the action is in progress, then reinforcing the Niyyah can be beneficial.

Intentions while reciting Al-Quran

  • Oh Allah! I am reciting solely for YOUR pleasure, fulfilling YOUR command, to gain YOUR love and to gain nearness to YOU.
  • Oh Allah! I am reciting with Iman (faith in you) and Ihtisaaban (hoping for reward from you alone)
  • I am following the Sunnah of Rasoolullah (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam)
  • Oh Allah! Through this recitation, bring me closer to your Nabi (Sallalahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) on whose heart this Quran was revealed.
  • Oh Allah! Through this recitation, cleanse my heart, my body, my mind and my soul from all spiritual and physical illnesses.
  • Oh Allah! You know the power contained in your book. Keep my heart alive with the Noor (radiance) of Your book.
  • Oh Allah! Strengthen my Imaan through this recitation.
  • Oh Allah! Let this book lead me to guidance and away from vice.
  • Let it be a means of me receiving glad-tiding in both worlds.
  • Grant me Itminan-e-Qalb (peace at heart) through your words.
  • Make it a means of me having a good death.
  • Oh Allah! Keep me steadfast on Quran and accept my recitations.

(You can add any other intentions here that your heart desires to make, provided they are noble, and in line with the teachings of Deen, Also these can be printed and kept with your Mushaf for easy access while you familiarize yourself with the various intentions.)

Most importantly, these intentions must NOT be read only on the tongue. The effect will be felt when they are kept in the inner recesses of the heart.

After making these intentions, you will need to follow up on them. As you do your daily work, think of your intentions and live your life according to them. It is then that Allah Almighty will make them a reality and you will receive TRUE results from your recitation.

May Allah guide us all.