Hafez Abdur Rahman Mia (Rahmatullahi Alayh)

Brief background:

Hafez Abdur Rahman Mia hailed from Simlak, a villiage near Surat, India. Into a family that was well known for their high degree of piety. He displayed exemplary piety and obedience from a very young age. By the age of Four, he was punctual with performing Fajr Salah, and by the tender age of seven, he had completed memorising the entire Quran.

Hafez Saheb came to South Africa at the age of 17. In 1959 he was offered a full time teaching post at the Waterval Islamic Institute and later established an institute in Lenasia, South Africa.

Dedication to the Quran.

It is indeed difficult to find a match to Marhûm Hafiz `Abdur Rahman Sahib in terms of his absolute devotion to the Qurân. No words can truly capture the zeal, passion and fervour that he poured into the imparting of the Qurán. Day and night, both in health and in illness, Hafez Sahib’s time was devoted to the Qurân.

Until the mid 1980`s, there was a severe shortage of Huffaz in South Africa. Hafiz Sahib played a great part in alleviating this problem and his graduates would be deputed to numerous places in South Africa.

Hafez Sahib’s extreme Love for Quran.

(As mentioned in the book “Rights of the Quraan Shareef – by Moulana Abdul Hamid Ishaq D.B)

“Our Ustad Hafez Abdur Rahman Mia (Rahmatullah Alayh) had lived till the age over 90. At that age, he was so ill that he was unable to get to the Masjid to perform Salaah with Jama’ah. In spite of his illness, he did not discard teaching of the Quran Shareef. When he was unable to come to the front room of his house from the bedroom, then he would listen to the Quran Shareef being recited in his bedroom. He used to tell us; “If Allah permits me, I want a Hifdh class in my Qabr.”

After Hafez Sahibs demise, many people witnessed glad tidings of his acceptance from Almighty Allah.


  • We need to learn to love the Quran from the examples and high precedent set by our pious elders.
  • When a person has Iman and true love for the Quran, then reciting and serving Quran will not be treated as a duty, but instead it will become a means of great pleasure.

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