Tafseer Session Two – 1 March 2015

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The second session in a special monthly series of Duroos (lessons) on the Noble Qur’an. Delivered at Masjid e Salaam, Preston

Shaykh Mahmood Chandia has been teaching Tafseer at Darul Uloom Bolton for almost 20 years.

Points discussed:

  • Recap of last Majlis
  • The Muslim community historically never went along with this idea that it was a victimised community
  • Islam accepts academic challenges
  • Academic Challenge for the Quraysh
  • Response of Quraysh
  • 6 Questions posed by the Quraysh
  • Basic Human Rights
  • Dante’s ‘Inferno’
  • Orientalism
  • Compilation of the Qur’an
  • What freedom does Islam offer?
  • The person who has a right over you has the right to speak (إن لصاحب الحق مقالا)
  • Hurmuzan and Sayyiduna Umar رضي الله عمه
  • Winning Hearts and Minds: Ali bin Abi Taalib and The Judge (Qadhi) Shurayh رضي الله عنهما
  • Najashi (Negus) رضي الله عنه
  • Rabee’ ibn Aamir رضي الله عنه: True Freedom
  • Trade Routes: Islam’s spread to the East and the West
  • Fiqh: Chapter on Trade and Transactions