Challenges faced by a Hafiz Today

Imam Bukhari رحمه الله reports that Rasulullah صلى الله عليه و سلم said:

يأتي على الناس زمان القابض على دينه كالقابض على الجمر

“There will come a time upon people, for whom holding onto their Deen (Islam) will be like holding onto hot coals.”

This Hadeeth aptly describes our condition today. Evil being dressed as good with good being looked down upon and written off as an unwelcomed guest. How many of us can say that we are totally immune to the bombardment of these Fitan (trials and temptation)? When we think we’ve passed one trial another comes and takes its place.

Being a Hafidh of the Qur’an or a Hafidh in the making, or perhaps a believer striving to uphold the teachings of the Quran is in itself a great favour (not a burden) of Allah on us. A means of protection for us from the countless trials and temptations constantly being thrown into our direction.

A comment was made in the presence of Hasan Basri رحمه الله that a particular individual has protected the Glorious Quran (through memorisation). Upon hearing this, Hasan Basri رحمه الله retorted: ‘Rather, it is the Quran that is protecting him.’

Hasan Basri رحمه الله, with this comment of his has taught us that as bearers of the Qur’an, if we seek to attain this protection, we will need to be its loyal companions. It’s only proper that a companion protects and assists the friend who is truly loyal.

How do we become loyal companions?

Many things will obstruct us, seek to sway us and distract us. A thief will only enter a place which he knows will have something of monetary value. A Hafidh of the Qur’an holds a priceless treasure in his heart which is why the influence of evil will work harder on him.

A loyal companion of the Quran must keep the reality in mind that it is the direct speech of the King of Kings, Allah himself. It is Allah that has chosen you to be a witness to his promise,

إِنَّا نَحْنُ نَزَّلْنَا الذِّكْرَ‌ وَإِنَّا لَهُ لَحَافِظُونَ…الحجر: ٩

“Indeed we have revealed the Quran and we will definitely protect it.”

A responsibility great as this must to be honoured.


We will face challenges at home. Be it a lack of motivation or disinterest from parents and close relatives, or even worse, dissuasion from undertaking the journey of Hifdh.

In such a case it will be up to the individual to have a strong will power and continue praying and believing in themselves, realising that though the environment in the home is not conducive, the journey is being undertaken for the sake of Allah Ta’ala and the reward lies with Allah Ta’ala.


We are in possession of something priceless. Don’t devalue it by allowing bad influences to affect us.

Imam Ghazali رحمه الله writes: “A bad friend is worse than a poisonous snake.”

Reason being that when a snake bites, a person’s life is in danger, but a bad influence puts Imaan in danger.

It is only proper for the bearer of the Qur’an to strive to be in the constant state of Wudhu. Keeping with Wudhu is an effective way of keeping the mind, gaze and other bodily functions pure.

Imam Burhaan ud Deen Az Zarnujy رحمه الله mentions in his book, Ta’leem ul-Muta’allim that, “Knowledge is Noor (light) and Wudhu is Noor, the light of knowledge increases with the light found in Wudhu.”


Our biggest challenge and our greatest enemy at times lie within us. Our laziness, the tendency to procrastinate, lack of enthusiasm and will power not exactly being helpful. As a Hafidh or an aspiring Hafidh, we must realise our potential. Rather than putting the blame on everything else, we should harness this power within ourselves and aim for the reward and pleasure of Allah. Our relationship with the Quran should be advanced to another level.

Abu Tayyib رحمه الله once said:

“I have never come across a fault in man such as that of the one who in spite of possessing the ability of attaining perfection leaves his work unaccomplished.” (Ta’leemul Muta’allim)

A poet draws our attention towards the sacrifice which must be made to achieve something:

بقدر الكد تعطى ما تروم * فمن رام المنى ليلا يقوم

و أيام الحداثة فاغتنمها * ألا إن الحداثة لا تدوم

“You will attain your objective in accordance to the amount of effort you put in.

Whoever desires an outcome remains awake during the night.

Value these days of youth, for the Days of youth are not everlasting.”

Amongst the seven people that have been promised shade under the magnificent throne of Allah on the day when there will be no shade besides His shade is that youth who spent his vital days in obedience and worship of Allah.

Shaytaan will try to deceive and distract us with his many tricks and guiles, illusions and impediments. We seek refuge from him and pray to Allah for steadfastness on our journey to success with guidance taken from the greatest protector by our side: the Qur’an.